April Map Test - USA

April - USA    The 5th graders have to know all 50 states, all 50 capitals, and important geographic features of the USA.  The information is broken down into 5 smaller tests.

The 5th grade schedule is as follows:
USA Map Test Study Guide- Grade 5
Test 1 – Part 1 Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ohio                      South Carolina          Georgia         Alabama         Maine                New Hampshire     Pennsylvania            New York     Vermont         Massachusetts Connecticut            Delaware                Virginia         North Carolina             Wisconsin               Kentucky                Florida          West Virginia         Mississippi             Indiana                    Michigan        Rhode Island                     New Jersey           Maryland                 Tennessee

Test 1-Part 2 Thursday, April 28, 2011
Utah                         Nevada                 Idaho                 New Mexico
Illinois                     Minnesota             Missouri             Nebraska            Wyoming Colorado                  Arkansas               Louisiana             Iowa            South Dakota Montana                  Texas                    Oklahoma             Kansas        North Dakota Arizona                    Oregon                 California             Washington             Hawaii

Test 1-Part 3 Friday, April 29, 2011
Atlantic Ocean                  Pacific Ocean                    Gulf of Mexico
Lake Ontario                     Lake Erie                         Lake Huron                         Lake Superior                    Mississippi River             Ohio River                          Columbia River                    Colorado River                Rio Grande River
Rocky Mountains                 Great Basin                     Appalachian Mts.                 Lake Michigan                     Great Plains                     Great Salt Lake         Missouri River                     Mojave Desert                Chesapeake Bay         Cascade Mts.                       St. Lawrence River          Hudson River
Sierra-Nevada Mts.

  Test 2-Part 1 Monday, May 2, 2011 Capitals of each state
Michigan ______________________ Indiana________________________

Washington____________________ Montana_______________________

Idaho_________________________ North Dakota __________________

Wisconsin______________________ South Dakota__________________

Florida_______________ ________ Kentucky______________________


Alaska________________________ Ohio__________________________

Nevada_______________________ Maine_________________________

New Hampshire________________ Tennessee______________________

Mississippi_____________________ Oregon________________________

California_____________________ Georgia________________________

Alabama_______________________ Arizona________________________


Test 2-Part 2 Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Vermont____________________ Rhode Island___________________

Massachusetts__________________ Oklahoma______________________

Louisiana______________________ Nebraska______________________

New York______________________ Kansas________________________

Maryland_______________________ Pennsylvania___________________

Connecticut_____________________ South Carolina__________________

New Mexico____________________ Virginia________________________

West Virginia___________________ Delaware______________________

Colorado_______________________ Missouri_______________________

New Jersey____________________ Arkansas______________________

North Carolina__________________ Illinois________________________

Texas_________________________ Hawaii________________________


**Maps are to be labeled for us to go over together in class on Thursday, March 17th.

Map Tests become more challenging in the 5th grade.  The schedule is as follows:
     September - Continents
     October - North America
     November - South America
     December - Canada
     January - Europe
     February - Africa
     March - Asia
     April - USA

The information that is expected for fifth graders to know increases tremendously from previous years.  There are some map tests where I have broken the test down into smaller sections so that students can focus on fewer items at a time.  The schedule for the tests will be given to the students and it will come home in the weekly newsletters.  We review each map in class once, but it is up to the students to study them each night.